Educational Grants

Education Grants for Members

Program Information and Application Process

Interested in attending a professional development workshop or conference? Tight on Budget? If so, apply for FRaBSA Educational Grant. This program contributes awards up to $100, per fiscal year, to FRaBSA members interested in participating in or seeking professional development. There are guidelines and restrictions on what professional development activities are acceptable; see below for that listing.

Education Grant Guidelines

  • Must be a FRaBSA member in good standing for the prior membership year to be eligible for an Education Grant award.
  • Members may receive no more than $100.00 in Education Grant awards in any fiscal year (Jul-Jun). Awards are recorded by date of event rather than by date of application.
  • Examples of items funded: Continuing Education classes; Job-related workshops, conferences and seminars. You may also apply $30 of your grant award towards your FRaBSA dues  (no application is needed for this).
  • Examples of items NOT funded: Magazine subscriptions; Professional dues; Personal enrichments (e.g., Weight Watchers, Smoke Enders, gym memberships, classroom materials or books); Taped seminars (audio or video)
  • All applications will be considered and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to process all necessary paperwork such as payment voucher, receipts, invoices, and all other appropriate documentation. Awards are paid directly to the member after proof of participation is submitted.
  • You need to submit your application prior to the event date.

Application Procedures

  • Review FRaBSA Education Grant Guidelines to determine eligibility.
  • Complete this application form. NOTE: no form is required for dues offset.
  • Include copies of all related materials for desired professional development activity (with cost breakdowns). 
  • Applicants will be notified by email by the Education Grant Committee chair with the results of their application.
  • Proof of attendance will need to be emailed to the Education Grant Committee Chair within 60 days after the event.  The Education Grant Committee Chair with then notify the FRaBSA Treasurer to process payment to the member.
  • There is an annual total cap for how much grant money is available to the membership


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